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One Hull of A Boat, One Hull of a team, One Hull of a crash and One Hull of a party!


The whole weekend revolved around two brave, but mad men, who decided they wanted to give power boating a crack, in the name of Hull, with the backing of their amazing right hand woman, Kate Carroll and so so many other brilliant people!


The weekend kicked off for us, when we were invited to the beer and cider festival on Thursday night, at the charming pub, The Minerva, on Hull’s marina where we met everyone involved in the One Hull of a Boat team, and all of the staff at The Minerva, who were an ideal establishment to back the race. The Hull Hour on Thursday night consisted of plenty of beer and cider to get us all in the party mood – barring the drivers, Sam and Jono, who were unfortunately on an alcohol ban for the racing – and of course, plenty of tweets!


Friday night was another brilliant night, at The Mercure Royal Hotel. One Hull of a Boat had an impressive, encouraging amount of backing from the Hull community, but also from local celebs such as the boxer Tommy Coyle, who officially opened the events, Alan Johnson MP, Assem Allam  – owner of Hull City Football Club – who also had a boat taking part in the racing and guest performances from the brilliant Drentonio and the Ed Sheeran-esq Remedy Sounds. A great night was had by all, and I was introduced so many great people who all supported, thoroughly, the One Hull of a Boat cause and efforts of all of the volunteers involved. The night was kicked off by Eugene Bari, P1’s commercial manager, who made a speech where he said he feels as though Hull is their home port and P1 were overwhelmed by the reception and attitudes of the people of Hull. The stage was then taken by the talented, Ed Sheeran-esq Remedy Sounds, who’s music I found particularly to my liking. Followed by Drentonio, who’s light, fresh sound got the guests dancing and set the tone for the rest of the evening. The night was a great prelude to the exciting events of the weekend.


The weekend began with an amazing response from the public, a very impressive crowd turned out for the races on both Saturday and Sunday, which was a great encouragement to the local team, as well as everyone else involved in the races. As a local girl myself, I was very proud of the amount of people who gathered to back their city, watch the entertainment and cheer on our One Hull of a Boat, as well as many people from other parts of Britain who had travelled down to Hull for the weekends events. Unfortunately, the racing on Sunday came to an abrupt halt when the One Hull of a Boat drivers decided to go for a swim in the river, fortunately with no lasting damage to themselves, or to the boat! Which luckily means they’re able to carry on racing, the next stop at Plymouth in June.


Sunday was the perfect day to draw the weekend’s events to a close, with the beer festival at The Minerva carrying on, complete with fantastic music from local Hull bands, playing just outside the pub on the Marina. The band ‘Dogs in Space’ went down curiously well with the local dogs, that began to howl as the band finished playing!


The weekend was a huge success, all from the good faith and generosity of the local companies who sponsored the boat and of course, the volunteers themselves. The whole weekend brought a brilliant amount of visitors and money to the city, particularly to the Marina and St Andrew’s Quay areas, The ‘Business Springboard’ tweeted, ‘So One Hull of a Boat attracted over 30,000 visitors to St Andrew’s Quay and Hull Marina and injected an estimated £3m into the area’s economy. Proud.’ Congratulations and thank you on behalf of the people of Hull to all involved in the One Hull of a Boat weekend, particularly Sam Whitaker and Jono Searby, Hull’s new local celebs and our best powerboat racers!